Sep. 29 Troop Meeting Notes

Submitted by Daniel, Scribe

  • Troop is working on the Scout Strong Healthy Unit Patch – for the next 8 meetings, we will start with 15 minutes of exercise, beginning with a lap around the parking lot.
  • Cuboree on Sat., Oct. 4th (8am – 5pm) – Troop meets 8am at the Troop Hut, returns at 5pm for parent pick-up.  Attending:  Mr. Cummings, Mr. Powell, Mr. Putnam & Mr. Wagers with 5 scouts.  Wear Class A or B Uniforms; 8 service hours.
  • WNL on Oct. 8th (5pm) – Wednesday Night Live at LSUMC – We need scouts to help serve food to church members.  Wear Class A Uniforms; 2-3 service hours.
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